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A Higher Standard

Looking to pursue a career in welding? Your education begins with Apex Welding Academy.

Your Path to Success

Starts Here

It’s no secret that specializing in a trade makes your time at work more valuable, and the opportunity for high wages is what draws most people’s attention to a career in welding. In addition, this line of work will always offer a wide range of opportunities as companies in various industries are always looking for welders.

Whether you’re looking to work at a nuclear plant or start a fabrication shop, Apex Welding Academy is here to give you the training you need. We offer comprehensive welding courses that will enable you to determine your area of expertise and improve your abilities as a tradesman.

Our instructors have had projects that they are proud of, but our biggest source of pride is when our students use the skills we taught them to build better lives for themselves and their families. Get in touch with us in Exeter, Missouri, to learn more about our training programs fill out the request information button.


Tuition Fee Structure

Please note that the fees outlined are effective until December 31, 2023.

Structural Welding Course

10 Weeks, 400 Hours

Tuition: $7,320.

Tools: $1,200.

Laboratory Fees: $2,270.

Total Tuition: $10,790.


Pipe Welding Course

12 Weeks, 480 Hours

Prerequisite: Structural Welding Course

Tuition: $8,780.

Laboratory Fees: $2,730.

Total Tuition: $11,510.



What People Are Saying

AWA is a very direct and effective school for welding and pipe fitting with good instruction and help for all students.

Grady S.

- Apex Welding Academy Student

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